Congo Kivu
Congo Kivu
Congo Kivu
Congo Kivu

Congo Kivu

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This coffee comes from the Virunga Coffee Company, established in 2011 by Schluter SA (now Olam Specialty Coffee Europe). Virunga Coffee aims to achieve its vision to "Change lives in a mutually profitable way by being a major coffee actor in Kivu," by improving the quality and yields for farmers in North and South Kivu. Virunga has developed and implemented field-based support activities, introduced Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), invested in processing infrastructure, and organized assured organic production in close collaboration with over 2,300 farmers. Their efforts to support this region by partnering with local farmers has developed more consistent profit, provided access to the specialty trade market, and supported sustainability and social programs in these farming communities. 

This bright, sweet coffee is a perfect match for anyone who likes their coffee black, or wants to change up their espresso game! If you enjoy a little acidity and sweet fruitiness to your coffee, we highly recommend getting yourself a bag! 
We taste hard candy, apple, grape, sweet
Process: Natural / Dry Processed
Region: Kabare
Elevation: 1700 MASL

Product Details:

  • Whole Bean Coffee
  • 12 oz / 340 g
  • Micro-roasted in Lexington, KY

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