Ethiopia Basha Bekele

Ethiopia Basha Bekele

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This will be our second year roasting and serving a natural coffee from Basha Bekele's farm located in the Bombe Village of the Sidama region of Ethiopia. Last year, Basha partnered with Catalyst Trade for the first time as a single producer and all of his coffees really impressed. We've loved working with Basha Bekele through Catalyst Trade because of his dedication to producing exciting, clean natural coffees year after year. 
This year, Basha grew 4 different lots and after sample roasting and cupping 3 of them, we chose Lot #1. Expect some bright and fruity sweetness with rich red fruit jam from this coffee. 
We taste lemon, raspberry, pineapple, jammy. 
Process: Natural
Region: Sidamo
Farm: Basha Bekele
Varietals: 74158 and 74112
Elevation: 2231 MASL

Product Details:

  • Whole Bean Coffee
  • 12 oz / 336 g
  • Micro-roasted in Lexington, KY

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