Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

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Our Spring 2021 Yirgacheffe is a composition of lots that were naturally processed by the privately owned Dumerso station in northern Yirgacheffe. The station is owned and operated by Dirshaye Ferenju. This collection of Ethiopian heirloom varietals was sourced from over 800 small farms in the area. 

This Yirgacheffe opens up with a berry like acidity followed by a watermelon sweetness. The finish has a refreshing tea-like richness, altogether making it a perfect warm weather coffee. 

We taste watermelon, strawberry, and floral tea

Process: Natural

Region: Yirgacheffe

Varietal: heirloom cultivars 

Elevation: 1800-1900 MASL 

Product Details:

  • 12oz / 340g
  • Micr-roasted in Lexington, KY

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